Diana Diary

From the vantage point of a misbehaving Diana F+ camera who used to be jealous of old LC-A. But now that LC-A has been out of order for over a year, Diana sniffs her big chance – and messes up royally.
Diana kugelrund
[Diana and Conny in the car with newly developed Diana F+ pictures in hand]

Please don’t get mad. Please don’t get mad. Please don’t get-

And she’s mad. If balling your fist und drawing your eyebrows down is any clue…

Really C, it’s not my fault! Now, if you’d just consider for a minute… OUCH! Oh nonono, I know you don’t really want to throw me out of the window-


And it’s not my fault these pictures turned out the way they did…

Remember when you gave me one of those dreadful make-overs yet again? (I do have an identity, you know?! I’m a medium format camera, for lomo’s sake!)
Yes, when you took off my back and changed me from Instant camera to 35 mm. Ring a bell? My alter ego Instant needs a special lens, because without it, the mini polaroid pictures would look all messed up. There it is, fat and clear in the description. And you forgot to take that lens out of my belly before you gave me that superb b/w Kodak film for lunch and started shooting with the 35mm adapter on me back. And now you’re blaming me that these supposedly suberb photos are all blurred. Not fair, C, not fair. I might just have to do that again, just to spite you.

This is not over.




Diana Diary continued: Click.