Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Golden Hour

That special hour before sunset and after sunrise.

Sorry, I can’t help myself. I am obligated to quote Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight here:

The night is darkest just before the dawn.

Does that mean that the day is brightest just before the dusk?
Have a good weekend, everyone!


Flensburg, LC-A, plain vanilla film ISO?

Diana Diary continued

Remember this little drama queen? Well… she’s back.

Diana kugelrund

From the vantage point of a Diana F+ who is infinitely jealous of LC-A, a well known favourite of Conny’s. Unfortunately, their relationship has gotten even worse, now that old LC-A (the broken one) has been replaced by a slightly younger model. Ouch.


Dear C,

We’ve been together for what – over 4 years now?

You used to look forward to go shooting with me.
You used to be excited looking at my little plastic snout.
And now? Nothing. Not a spark, not a twinkle, all gone. All you feel is resignation, and all I feel is negligence. Should we part ways? Are you taking the road less travelled by, leaving me for the grass to grow over? I don’t think I like you anymore.
I see you when you look at my sisters.
Diana Metropolis, I know she’s way more prettier. Cheap imitators. Never forget that I’m the original. Black and cyan, these are my colours.
Yet you felt compelled to tape me over with an ugly red streak, writing your fancy stage name on it –  as if you could look up lomoherz in the phone book in case of losing me!
But would you even try to have me back? Notice that I’m gone?

– Remember the good days?


And then you left me on the shelf with nothing left to burn.

Admit it – you didn’t know what to do with me right from the start. You couldn’t be bothered to learn all the medium format ways. (And by the way, who doesn’t know about Cross-Processing – and you call yourself a lomographer?) And while LC-A was gone *sigh, all you needed was a substitute. Let me tell you something, missy: I feel USED. Just like that bloody tea towel next to the sink.

It has always been about her. It was LC-A you took with you on your trip to Malta, passing through Italy and travelling to Egypt and Cyprus. Trust me, I wouldn’t have left you with a broken rewinder on your first week there! For lomo’s sake, she left you to rely on your cheap camera phone for the rest of your stay! Yet you were mourning her for over a year – pathetic.
And all the while you were up and away? You left me in a dark box stuffed under your bed, where I had to endure creeping mould and scream-jumping children on top.

But you never see me complaining, I never complain.

Just let me tell you one thing –

If my chest had been a cannon, I would have shot my film upon it.


A year gone by

Today, but not just today –

You’re my partner in crime
You’re my matter of fact
You’re my walk down memory lane
You’re my carbon copy of moments past and to come
You’re my steady in the storm
You’re my map of places to go
You’re my swim in the sea, my taste of the wild air
You’re my friend, my ally, and a smile in my heart

You’re my Cupcake.


PS: Happy Birthday 😛

LC-A (Redscale XR 50-200, 35mm Film)

Ein Fall von Pink * A study in pink

Nachdem ich in den letzten Wochen ein paar digitale Fotos auf meinem Blog durchgehen ließ (*pfeif) und den analogen ein bisschen die Farbe fehlte, gibt es nun eine geballte Ladung LOMO in PINK! Und ja, es werden heute nochmal Winterbilder gezeigt. Da müsst ihr jetzt durch. Wie in La Sardinas neue Kleider angekündigt, kommen jetzt endlich die ersten Sardina-Testbilder (die natürlich schon vor Monaten entwickelt wurden.. 😉

Yep, genauso habe ich auch reagiert! Pink?! Wo in aller Welt kommt denn dieses pink her? Als ich die Bilder abholte, kam mir das gleich so supekt vor. Der Preis für die Entwicklung war dreimal so hoch wie sonst und in der dicken Tüte befanden sich … DIAS??!
Im Nachhinein Weiterlesen

Winter Winter go away

winter (11)Winter – he’s back. What an unpleasant surprise. Especially after last week’s highway to spring with cloudless skies and double-digit temperatures above(!) zero. So, naturally I thought we were finally out of the woods, er, winter.

Just the other day, my colleague and I were discussing our perception of time during winter. For her, winter is a gift; a gift that reveals time once it unwraps. She said that she has more time to herself than during any other season. Well, I always feel like hibernating. I sleep longer in the dark and the light is slipping through my fingers, only to be admired from the dark vinery that is my office. Compared to the the other seasons, I think that winter is positively claustrophobic.

But not long now and this superlong and uncommonly dark winter will be just another fading memory. Speaking of memories – I found these black and white pictures taken 3 winters ago at the Baltic Sea (which you can’t really see, ‚cause it’s covererd in snow 😉
Well, a few more hours of this re-onset of winter and we’ll be right back at that kind of scenery (I still can’t believe, just a few days ago, we spent our lunch break outside, without a coat, almost catching a tan…).

Winter, we need to talk.winter (12)

winter (6) winter (10)winter (7)winter (9)
Just to be clear on where my loyalties lie, here’s a 4-in-1 lomograph of last summer’s bliss –


Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

I love that picture. The defocussed parts make it look kind of trashy, but, somehow, it also turns back time. It’s a double-exposure and I wanted to capture the same scenery twice, but time-lagged on one picture. Well, I didn’t quite succeed, which makes it so blurry. There are two identical, yet shifted, rows of houses, two jetties and so on, but only one sailing boat and one steamer. If this was a real, single-exposed, shot, the boat and the steamer would bump into each other any minute now 🙂 So this was my original, simple-minded, motivation – to take a picture, wait 10 minutes and take the same picture again, with only one small change in the scenery. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to look so … retro 😉

Location: Firth of Flensburg

I’m participating in the LetsBeWild.com Wild Weekly Photo Challenge! This weeks Challenge is: Water

Weekly Photo Challenge: 9 Things that make me happy

Laughing with my friends +++ Travelling +++ Adventures at the beach +++ Watching the little ones in my family grow up +++ Lomography +++ Living in the north, ever close to the sea +++ Flowers, bright as the sun +++ Remembering scenes from the past +++ Home, or seeing my church tower, as my mum would metaphorically say 🙂