Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


Guten Morgen Berlin.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Too long ago – forgot which film, forgot the settings.
But at least the name of the place is in the picture 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

So, this has probably been the hardest challenge so far. Clear lines? Ugh, so not me. Geometry in my lomographs? Almost non-existent.

The decorations are perhaps a bit distracting (maybe it’s more symmetry than geometry…), but beneath it all lies the pure and basic geometrical form of a cylinder and a half-sphere, don’t you think? – Plus, it has a circle on top 🙂

Location: Sanssouci Palace (I realize that the name is written right on it;), Potsdam.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I thought it was time for another double-exposure! The buildings on the left and right are of course the silhouettes, but if you look closely, you can see the ‚little‘ boat on the river and that the sky is not actually the sky but the reflection of the water 🙂


Click if you’re interested in how to shoot ‚doubles‘ digitally and of course analoguesly.
Thanks to Inge for finding out about digital double-exposures, because I sure wouldn’t know 😉

Aaaand coming up: The notorious Book Fair, or as Pustefix would call it: Conny in Heaven…


Here I was, staying up all night to take some surreal shots of the day that never ends. Midsummer-feeling was supposed be on here today. At least that’s what I thought until the rain set in with big black clouds covering the still blue sky. Too bad.

I went to bed and decided to put up a lomo picture that figuratively reminds me of midsummer instead. It’s another double-exposed shot, only this time I turned my camera south, after hitting the release button…

Happy first day of summer (even though it’s autumn in the picture 😉

P.S.: Still the best adaptation around, I think: Hoffman’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream