Will you be my Valentine-Mixtape?

Er kommt alle Jahre wieder, der Valentinstag. Eigentlich ein Tag wie jeder andere. Oder?
There it is, year after year: Valentine’s Day. Just as good as any other day. Right?

Donnerstag, 14. Feburar: | Thursday, February 14:

Morgens aufwachen. | Waking up.

Merken, dass man alleine im Bett liegt. | Realizing that you’re alone in your bed.

Die Toastbrotscheibe in Herzform schneiden. | Cutting your toast into the shape of a heart.

An vergangene Valentinstage denken. | Thinking of past Valentines.

Zuviel Zahnpasta im Mund. | Too much toothpaste in your mouth.


Kiwi is Art Part One: Music

Here it comes – the first part of my Kiwi is Art series. As promised some weeks ago, I turned the globe and let myself be inspired by art made in NZ.
So, last week I dove into the waves of New Zealand sound. By now my ears are ringing, but I did find some island gems… 🙂

Let’s start with a classic!

Who remembers this one?! OMC – How Bizarre!

(Back then, when we still had that old portable radio – Kofferradio – in the garage, I thought the guy was singing „Help us all“…)

Did I say classic? Here’s one from Weiterlesen